‘We don’t know what we would have done’!

Everything was going well for Pete and his family. Having relocated to Bude at the age of 21 from Looe, Pete enjoyed all the many things the town offers. He told us “We just love it here. We love the people, love the area and it’s a great place to bring up your kids. Crime is low and we’re so close to the beach and the schools are lovely. Teachers are brilliant at Budehaven and work so hard to keep the kids safe. I help out with the beach clean gang and we just love the place and feel such a part of it!” 

Things took a turn for the worse in 2015 when Pete got made redundant, losing his job as a Rep Area Supermarket Manager, covering the South West. He said “I was on really good money and we’ve never claimed a penny or had help from anyone. When I lost my job things got really hard and the money ran out. The School Liaison Officer at Budehaven School advised me to call the Foodbank. I was mortified to have to do it as we’ve always been completely self sufficient and we felt so low in having to contact them.” 

“Without the help of the Foodbank we don’t know what we would have done. We have a big family and we were on the edge of needing to skip meals to allow the children to eat. 

My wife is disabled and since being made redundant, I’ve picked up a heart problem and other conditions. The last 5 years have been a nightmare and we don’t know what we would have done without the food bank. 

Sue rings us up and says ‘we’ve got some food for you, come on down’, we can’t believe it, the food parcels are really big and help to keep us going. 

My health issues came about after the stress of losing my job. I ended up in hospital with a lot of issues. We’ve continued to be supported though by the Foodbank and get a food parcel every week. It’s amazing. There’s cottage pies, pasta bake, bread, eggs, tins of soup and the kids love it. We also get Christmas presents which is so helpful as we simply don’t have the money to spend on nice presents. We’ve always treated the kids as adults and if we say we can’t afford something, they don’t whinge about it. We just have to try and manage. The Foodbank has been an absolute God send for us –  I can’t imagine how we would have coped without it.”

 (We’ve changed the name of the family in this article to protect their identity)

Retired nurse sheds locks to support Bude Foodbank

A retired local nurse and grandparent of 9 children, Liz Page was so inspired by the work of Bude Foodbank that she wanted to raise money for the cause. With hair clippers in hand, she asked her friends to sponsor her for losing her long curly locks of hair in exchange for a donation to the Bude Foodbank. 

Liz told us “I am so impressed and inspired by all that the food bank staff and volunteers do. They are amazing, they work unstintingly for this community. But without contributions and donation from generous givers the work could not go on. It’s about lots of people playing their part and doing what they can to help those less fortunate than themselves.” 

Liz who moved to Bude nearly 40 years ago, worked at Stratton Hospital bringing up her 4 children. In her spare time, she enjoys amongst other things, looking after her grandchildren, sewing, gardening, painting, baking and is a Christian who attends her local church. 

Speaking about her motivation to do the challenge, she said “I’ve never done a head shave before but I’ve often thought about it. I wasn’t dreading it, just a little apprehensive as the time approached. It’s a small sacrifice, many have suffered more and sacrificed a lot more for the love of others.

“My main motivation was to show love by helping in some way. I was hoping to raise £1,000 but that amount kept rising to around £2,000, I couldn’t believe it! Since losing my hair it’s actually quite freeing, lighter, fresher, like a new start. It’s also cooler obviously.”

She added “I love the town of Bude, it’s been the best place to live, I have been greatly blessed by the people and organisations in this community over nearly 40 years. I wanted to help somehow in some way. I have had to self isolate because Rich (my husband) is a high risk so I haven’t been able to help anyone practically. 

During the last week, Bude Foodbank has launched its Covid-19 Appeal as it’s seen a large growth in demand for its services over recent weeks. Bude Foodbank is asking local people to set up a monthly donation of £6 which will help support a family with food for a day.

To support Bude Foodbank with a donation, visit www.budefoodbank.org.uk/donate

40% increase in demand due to Covid-19

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Bude Foodbank has been under huge pressure, with a dramatic increase in demand for its services.

Bude Food Bank currently supports over 1,200 families every year with essential food parcels and emotional support and last year faced a further sharp rise in the number of people needing the Food Bank’s help.

In the last few weeks, Bude Foodbank has seen a further sharp rise in requests for support as many more people suddenly face new challenges due to changes in personal circumstances.

Pastor of Oceans Community Church, Steve Ellerington, who also helps at the Food Bank said “We’ve had to protect our staff and close the Food Bank to people walking in and are instead offering booking slots for people to either come and collect food parcels, or we will deliver them directly to houses. It’s been a hugely challenging time and our volunteers are working flat out to prepare food parcels. We’ve never been so busy and we really think this is just the tip of the iceberg. As financial circumstances will undoubtedly get worse, we’re concerned with the high numbers of people who will need help. We’re a town where a large number of our residents rely on tourism for employment. With Bude being like a ghost town over Easter, we can only see things getting more challenging as time goes on. “

Steve added “We will continue to do everything we can to help people who need our support and would encourage anyone to call us if they need urgent help. We would like to thank supermarkets and individual people who have been so generous in supporting us. If people do want to help us, the best way is to make a donation on our website which will allow us to buy the food we need.”

For more information on the Food Bank or to make a donation, please visit www.budefoodbank.org.uk/donate